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Jan 27, 2004

Do you remember
that shining little river?
Back in our childhood,
we love to play in the water.

There are grass, trees, flowers,
and colorful sands on the bank.
The place has such a power,
to let us rest our mind blank.

Fish and shrimps are playing,
in the running music tones.
Birds and bees are singing,
with little frogs on stones.

 I still remember your smile
in that sunny afternoon.
It is as warm as the sun light,
as beautiful as the moon.

Posted at 06:04 am by guermeow
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Jan 25, 2004

I saw you alone on this journey,

bleeding yourself from scars of lonely

I may not understand your pain,
but please show me a smile againK

Let me be your angel,
light up a hope on this harsh road

Let me heal your wounds,

let me dry your tears

I will live in your smile,

I will always be with you...


This was a song I write in my English 10 short-story-assignment. "Angels are everywhere. They can be people you love, or people that love you... Most importantly, an angel can be you."

Posted at 09:52 am by guermeow
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